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Your Winter Car Care Checklist

Your Winter Car Care Checklist

Your Winter Car Care Checklist

Winter can be a harsh season on your vehicle. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare your car before winter hits. Here’s a winter car care checklist we’ve put together to make sure your car is ready for winter driving.

Protect Your Undercarriage from Salty Roads

Heavy road salt use in the winter can lead to a lot of rust forming on cars. The undercarriage of your car is exposed most often during the salty, winter season.

Undercoating in Edmonton is highly recommended as our roads are sprayed in the winter with harsh calcium chloride and gravel elements that can be quite harmful to your undercarriage.

To avoid vehicle undercarriage rust, it is important to apply car undercoating before the winter approaches. The undercoating will provide a protective layer between your vehicle and the road surface, so you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion sticking to your undercarriage.

Fight Against Winter Carpet Stains 

Winter salt and mud are natural enemies of your vehicle’s carpets due to deteriorating them at a faster rate. The winter elements don’t stand a chance against thorough interior maintenance. Applying a fabric protectant will ensure moisture will do less damage over time by creating a protective barrier.

You also want to pay close attention to your winter car mats as you want to ensure they fit properly to protect as much surface area as possible from melting snow. The more your car carpet is exposed to melting snow on the faster it will start to deteriorate.

Car carpet cleaning is one of the most important steps in washing your car in the winter. Snow, salt and sand build up from your winter boots wreaking havoc on your car carpets.

Regular car detailing is very important during the winter months because snow, dirt and salt build-up can accumulate quickly. To ensure your carpet interior remains in good condition, you should bring in your vehicle for regular auto detailing. We recommend that you get your vehicle detailing done once every two to three months to keep your ride looking pristine.

We have several interior detailing packages that will take care of your protection and cleaning needs

Replace Old and Worn Out Windshield Blades

Making sure you get good windshield wiper coverage is important, especially driving in winter snow. Take your old wiper blades off and put some fresh ones on if it has been a while since you last changed them. You want to make sure that you get complete coverage, with the blade clearing the windows every time it passes over them.

To keep your windshield blades lasting longer this season, it is important to carry a winter scaper in your vehicle and wipe off built-up snow and ice before using your windshield wipers when starting up your vehicle.

Apply a Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating will not only help to keep the snow from sticking to your vehicle in the winter but will also help to protect your vehicle from harsh winter elements. Ceramic coatings are weather resistant and help to protect your vehicle’s paint from oxidization, road salt and vehicle ageing.

When adding a high-quality nano-ceramic coating to the exterior of your car, keeping your car clean from road slush and dirt will be easier and cost-effective. The coating helps repel slush, dirt and grime and prevents harsh particles from baking into your car paint making most of the elements fall off with a simple prewash.

Ceramic coatings have become the new standard for paint protection in recent years. We highly recommend applying a ceramic coating especially when your vehicle will have to endure the harsh Canadian winter conditions.

Ceramic coatings last for years, and our Heal- Lite and Heal Plus coatings have self-healing technology embedded within the coating giving your car increased longevity.

Switch and Stock Up on Winter Grade Washer Fluid

When you’re travelling this winter, always have a bottle of antifreeze windshield washer fluid stocked in your car.

Winter windshield fluid not only helps with melting the ice off your windshield but helps your windshield not fog up. If you have to travel far or often, it runs out fast. 

Protect Your Leather Seats From Cracking

Leather seats tend to dry out in the winter months, this can cause them to start to crack. If you want to preserve and protect your leather interior, it is important to make sure your leather seats are conditioned going into the winter months.

Ming Shine carries a conditioning treatment formulated to prevent cracking, fading and discolouration of your leather seats. Our detailing studio also carries vinyl, carpet, plastic and other protective interior products that you might want to check out if you want to take excellent care of your vehicle.

Winter car protection is an important step in your pre-winter car care checklist. We can help get your vehicle ready for winter! Book your appointment today.