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Frequently Asked

Auto Detailing Questions

Ming Shine provides auto detailing using specialized processes, unique to our company, to keep your vehicle looking showroom new. We offer high-quality interior and exterior cleaning and protection with a level of service our customers have enjoyed for over 60 years.

A good rule of thumb is to have your car detailed whenever you have the oil changed or at a minimum, twice per year. However, it depends on the wear and tear of the vehicle, type of vehicle and your expectations on how awesome you want your vehicle to look.

1/2 day to full day depending on the service you have chosen.

Two tests you can use to determine whether your vehicle needs a wax/polish:

  1. After washing and drying the car, the surfaces of your vehicle should feel very smooth when running your hand lightly along the upper surfaces of the car. Rough spots? Your vehicle needs a wax.
  2. Spray water on your car and watch to see if tight beads appear. If so, your vehicle’s paint is protected. Loose beads indicate there isn’t enough protection. No beads, there is no protection left and wax should be applied as soon as possible.
Detailing preserves and restores your vehicle’s beauty extending its life – and value! We thoroughly and professionally clean every inch. The Ming Shine process involves a top to bottom inspection for the removal of bugs, sap, tar, salt, lime plus a tire and rim treatment, interior vinyl, and leather protection, shampooing and conditioning, waxing and high quality protectants to keep that showroom shine for years to come.

 A ceramic coating is a great option for shielding your vehicle’s exterior, and a smart addition to your car detailing checklist. We’re big fans of FEYNLAB® self-healing ceramic paint protection, the most high-tech technology on the market.

The answer can be complicated but generally:

  1. Light surface scratches can be removed by compounding the surface of the affected area.
  2. If scratches are deeper and have only gone through one or two layers of the clear coat, they can be wet sanded out.
  3. If scratches have gone completely through the clear coat, unfortunately, the vehicle will have to be repainted.

Many stains can be removed or diminished using the state of the art systems at Ming Shine. We dig down deep to remove stains like coffee, dirt, grease, food stains and so much more.

No problem. We hunt down every hair and remove it with our specialized cleaning systems to leave your car interior pet hair-free.

Washing your vehicle in the winter is very important as the salt from the winter roads is extremely corrosive to vehicles. When the sodium from the roads stays on the vulnerable areas for too long it will form corrosion on the body, mechanical components, frame, and more which compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, and is a complete eyesore!

  1. Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle
  2. Have Paint Protection Film Installed By Professionals
  3. Interior Protection 
  4. Rustproof & Undercoat Your Vehicle
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Enjoy a complimentary valet with your service!

Ming Pickup/Dropoff Valet Service

Ming Shine wants to help you get time back to spend it on all of life’s luxuries, big or small.

While Ming’s shine experts treat your vehicle, our valet service keeps you mobile with a complimentary ride from our North or South location back to your home or place of business. We will even return to pick you up and drop you back off at the shop to make it even more convenient. Want us to come and collect your vehicle to bring it to the shop for you? That can also be accommodated – anything to make this process as smooth as possible! Schedule an appointment, save time, and take pride in your ride…effortlessly.

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