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Custom Vinyl Wrapping

Custom Vinyl Wrapping

Express yourself, promote your business, or create a striking presence on the streets of Edmonton with custom vinyl vehicle wraps from Ming Shine.
Custom Vinyl Wrapping at Ming Shine Edmonton

Custom Vinyl Vehicle Wrap in Edmonton

Customize your ride at Ming Shine in Edmonton with unique vinyl wraps. Our experts help you stand out, reflecting your style, business brand, or promotion. Beyond aesthetics, our wraps protect your car’s original paint, keeping it pristine. Unleash creativity on the streets; contact Ming Shine for a personalized automotive expression.

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Time Required: 3-5 Business Days

Customer Price: $3,600

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Benefits of Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle is more than style—it shields paint from damage, UV rays, and wear. Customizable and removable, it’s a versatile, cost-effective solution for personal expression or mobile advertising, redefining vehicle enhancement.

Why Choose Ming Shine for your

Custom Vinyl Wrap on New & Used Vehicles

Ming Shine vinyl wraps are suitable for both new and used vehicles. If the vehicle is used, a paint correction and paint cleanse will be needed before applying the Ming Shine to ensure maximized protection.

The best solution for the colour-fading dilemma is Ming Shine. Our unique paint conditioner refines your paint to a better-than-new shine without re-painting.



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Ming Shine Premium Detailing

Save $100 on Your Next Premium Detail!

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Why Choose Ming Shine

Ming Shine, Edmonton’s Premium Auto Detailer

Ming has been the go-to business for auto detailing in Edmonton since 1959. In over 60 years, we’ve honed our craft and learned exactly how to protect, clean and repair vehicles to restore their beautiful finish and interiors.

Ming Shine wants to help you get time back to spend it on all of life’s luxuries, big or small. Enjoy a complimentary valet with your service*Within Edmonton only

Many stains can be removed or diminished using the state of the art systems at Ming Shine. We dig down deep to remove stains like coffee, dirt, grease, food stains and so much more.

With two locations in Edmonton & our valet service, top-tier vehicle detailing & protection services are only a call or click away.

A good rule of thumb is to have your car detailed whenever you have the oil changed or at a minimum, twice per year. 

We hunt down every hair and remove it with our specialized cleaning systems to leave your car interior pet hair-free.

Detailing preserves and restores your vehicle’s beauty extending its life – and value! We thoroughly and professionally clean every inch.