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How to Make Dull Car Paint Shine Again

How to Make Dull Car Paint Shine Again

Faded paint can make a vehicle look much older than it is. While preservation is often the best way to keep a car looking shiny and vibrant, you can still refresh and revitalize the paint job if you notice imperfections. 

Why Car Paint Fades

You may love the sun, but your car doesn’t. Strong UV rays can oxidize paint, to the point that a wash and wax don’t do much to improve the overall look. 

Sun is usually the biggest factor, although exposure to environmental pollutants and dirt can also contribute to a lacklustre colour and shine. 

Common Paint Defects

It’s important to give your vehicle a once-over on a regular basis, so you can monitor the condition of the exterior. Watch for swirl mark marring and random deep marring, deep scratches, water and acid etching, buffer marks, and hologramming. 

If you spot any of these, it’s time to take action and bring that dull paint back to life!

Start with Washing Your Car

You’ll want to work with the cleanest surface possible, so the first step is a thorough wash. Remove dirt, debris, and any kind of oil or bugs that may be attached to the paint. There’s probably more stuck on there than you think! It may be best to hand wash some spots. 

Analyze the Paint

Once you have a clean exterior, you can see what really needs to be done. We suggest our Paint Correction service, where we analyze the vehicle with a depth gauge to determine the severity of the imperfections. From there, we can compound the paint to remove any of the scratches, which means shaving microns of thickness on the clear coat to make it as flat and smooth as possible.

Polish It Up

After the paint has been really closely examined and compounded, it’s time to polish. At this stage, we recommend our Power Polishing service. This step makes the color brilliant, and brings out the true depth and clarity of the paint. 

Keep It Beautiful with Sealant

You’ll want your car’s shiny look to last as long as possible! Protect your like-new paint with a coat of sealant on top. We like FEYNLAB® Paint Protection ceramic coating. Not only is it glossy and slick, it has outstanding UV protection and chemical resistance. 

Until May 31st, 2021, get a free Paint Correction and Power Polishing with every purchase of  FEYNLAB® Ceramic Coating. Don’t miss this stellar deal!

Preserve that Paint

Now that your car has had the ultimate spa day, it’s time to proactively protect the paint. Use a car cover, keep your car out of direct sunlight, and go for regular car washes to rinse away dirt and debris that may impact the integrity of your vehicle’s paint. 

We can help get your car looking ten years younger! Book an appointment today.