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What is the Difference Between a Car Wash and a Detail?

What is the Difference Between a Car Wash and a Detail?

Nothing beats a good detailing. If you’re pressed for time and cash, a car wash is a good
option to clean dirt and debris from your vehicle’s exterior. But, if you’re looking for wheels
that look as good as new, auto detailing is what you need.

A Car Detailing Is More Thorough

With a car detailing service, no surface is left untouched. After removing dirt, debris, and
road salt with professional products and techniques, we decontaminate the paint with a clay
grit and iron particle remover. Our auto detailers then wipe down each curve of the vehicle’s
body, rims, wheels, and windows. We even clean the undercarriage and engine!

A Car Detailing Cleans Your Exterior & Interior

Most car washes clean the outside of your vehicle only. With auto detailing, your interior
gets just as much love as the exterior. From the seat cracks to the cupholders, our experts’
vacuum every single nook and cranny of your car. After that, our pros steam clean the dash,
cluster, door cards, and leather seats, and then fully shampoo the carpets and cloth seats. After giving everything the royal treatment, we finish it off by wiping down and disinfecting
all interior surfaces.

A Car Detailing Is More Delicate

With high-power brushes and chemical detergents, a car wash blasts away grime in a short
amount of time. But, your vehicle’s exterior is actually quite delicate, so this method may
leave scratches and swirls on your paint. Car detailing is all done by the hand of a
professional with many years of experience. We always opt for high-quality cleaning
, such as advanced soaps, microfiber mitts, and plush towels.

A Car Detailing Restores Your Vehicle

An auto detailing focuses on making your car look immaculate and preserving its value.
Keeping the exterior, interior, engine, and windows clean on a regular basis means that you
will have to spend less on costly repairs in the future. Plus, the level of disinfection keeps the
air quality pure and breathable. Our professionals are here to keep your vehicle looking
amazing and running smoothly for years to come.

Want your car cleaned from inside and out? Explore what’s included in our auto detailing
and schedule a service with our experts today