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Tips to Protect Your Car From Winter Damage

Tips to Protect Your Car From Winter Damage

Winter temperatures and elements can be damaging to your vehicle. Protecting your car is a priority for making sure the winter months don’t damage your vehicle. Sand, salt and gravel on winter roads can do a number on your car. Winter driving protection can help you maintain your vehicle for the long term.

Start Fresh: Get All Contaminants Off Your Vehicle

Ensure no bug guts, tree sap, or other summer and fall elements are trapped on your vehicle. Once these elements are trapped on your vehicle for too long, they can cause severe and irreversible damage to your car.

We recommend a complete exterior wash and liquid paint decon service before heading into the winter months. A winter detail is an excellent idea to get a deep clean and some much-needed winter protection.

Protect From Wheel Damage

Your wheels quickly get extra dirty during the winter months. Snow, slush, road salt, brake dust, and dirt get embedded into your wheel wells during your winter drives. In the winter months, the excess exposure to salt and snow staying on the surface of your rims can cause your rims to corrode and rust.

For the ultimate rim protection, we recommend ceramic coating your rims so during the winter months. This coating will help repel snow, slush, dirt, and salt from the winter roads from sticking to your rims.

When switching into winter tires, it is a good idea also to get your rims cleaned at the same time. The summer sand, mud, bugs, and dirt from the roads can get embedded onto your rims and become caked onto your wheels, eventually giving them a grey, dingy appearance.

To avoid this, we recommend you bring in your extra summer tires and rims to be thoroughly cleaned before letting them sit all winter in storage. 

Protect Your Paint from Rust

Snow and salt left on your car’s paint for too long can cause corrosion. The cold weather can lock in these contaminants for more extended periods. Frequently washing your vehicle in the winter is an important step to helping prevent winter corrosion.

We recommend rinsing off your car with water before beginning the washing process. This will help prevent scratches and marring from gravel dust, salt and sand particles. After washing your vehicle, we recommend drying your car with a microfiber towel. This will ensure your vehicle is completely dry so no water spots will solidify on your paint in the cold.

If you are looking for a permanent and worry-free solution, a ceramic coating is perfect for you. A ceramic coating adds a layer of protection between your vehicle and the winter elements. It also helps prevent snow and ice from sticking to your car.

Winter maintenance will be easy, as slush and dirt will repel your vehicle’s surfaces due to the hydrophobic properties in the ceramic coating.

Fix Paint Imperfections

If a ceramic coating is out of your budget, we recommend getting a power polish and paint correction before heading into the winter season. A power polish and paint correction will fix any minor scratches and marring on your vehicle’s paint. This will ensure all exposed metal is covered up so the winter elements can’t do too much damage.

Fend Off Gravel

If you are a heavy highway winter driver, the road conditions can increase the amount of gravel and rock chips your car gets. Your front hood, fenders, mirrors, and bumper are the most susceptible areas to get rock and gravel chips. Paint protection film is the best way to protect your vehicle from rock and gravel chips.

Applying an invisible paint protection film to these areas will ensure your paint does not get chipped. 3m paint protection film will help deflect rocks and gravel by adding a thick tear-free layer.

Undercarriage Rust Protection

Winter car washes do not properly wash your undercarriage. If you are looking for a proper undercarriage wash, an undercarriage wash focuses on rinsing off all road contaminants. We recommend an undercarriage cleaning if your vehicle does not have any added undercarriage protection.

If you are looking to add some undercarriage protection before this winter, we recommend booking an undercoating and rust-proofing service. Want your car protected for winter? Explore what’s included in our winter protection package and book an appointment today.