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Should I Use a Ceramic Coating on My New Car?

Should I Use a Ceramic Coating on My New Car?

Congrats on the new ride! A ceramic coating is a great option for shielding your vehicle’s exterior, and a smart addition to your car detailing checklist. We’re big fans of FEYNLAB® self-healing ceramic paint protection, the most high-tech technology on the market.


A Ceramic Coating Prevents Sun Damage

The high-quality FEYNLAB® coating offers outstanding UV protection. Constant exposure to the sun’s rays will eventually break down a standard clear coat and fade the colour, but nano-ceramic coatings are designed to protect your paint. The technology bonds with the car paint at a molecular level, creating a tough layer that blocks the rays.


Minimizes Rust and Oxidation

That durable protective coating is also a great defense against corrosion, rust, and oxidation! Sometimes, a paint correction needs to be completed first, so the coating is being applied to the smoothest surface possible. Then, once the FEYNLAB® coating is added, it starts working immediately to stop the elements from having an impact on your gorgeous paint job. The strong coating also prevents scratches and swirl marks that come with daily driving.


A Ceramic Coating Is Super Hydrophobic

And what does that mean, you ask? The properties in a nano-ceramic coating repel liquid, which means dirty water, mud, snow, bird droppings, tree sap, and other-less-than ideal fluids slide right off the car. It makes auto detailing a breeze. The exterior of the car is so slick (and so protected!) that a simple wash should be all you need most of the time. You can use a little less elbow grease, and spend more time admiring how great the car looks!


Your Car Will Be Oh-So Glossy

Our advanced ceramic coating is ridiculously sleek. When the FEYNLAB® self-healing protection is applied, the paint colour becomes richer and brighter. On the other hand, when you use car wax, the finish will dull over time. By opting for a nano-ceramic coating, the results last for years to come.


Protect the Paint and Keep It Shining

We’re certified installers of FEYNLAB®, which is the strongest coating available today. 

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