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How to Wash A Car in the Winter

How to Wash A Car in the Winter

Washing your vehicle in the winter is very important as the salt from the winter roads is extremely corrosive to vehicles. When the sodium from the roads stays on the vulnerable areas for too long it will form corrosion on the body, mechanical components, frame, and more which compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, and is a complete eyesore!

Plan to Wash Your Vehicle Weekly or at Least Bi-Weekly

Washing your vehicle on a frequent basis in the winter is imperative to maintaining the integrity of your vehicle. We recommend scheduling your washes weekly or bi-weekly to wash off the salt and other contaminants on a frequent basis. 

Don’t Wash on Below Freezing Temperature Days

If the weather is below -23 degrees Celsius,  it’s a no-wash day. Your vehicle will be too cold and any leftover areas you didn’t fully dry before leaving the wash bay, as it could freeze and potentially cause damage. We recommend just avoiding washing your vehicle on these days altogether. 

The Best Way is Wand Wash But Avoid the Brush!

Say no to automatic washes. The brushes from automatic car wash have been proven to leave damage to your vehicle’s paint job. Your vehicle also does not receive a thorough pre-rinse at an automatic wash, therefore contaminants are not properly rinsed off before the wash process begins. 

Start With a Thorough Rinse First

Start by rinsing your vehicle from top to bottom.  This ensures any large gravel, sand or salt molecules will be rinsed off before scrubbing your vehicle, lessening the chance of scratches and marring. 

Bring a Clean Wash Mitt

Spray your vehicle with the soap option, top to bottom. Utilize your clean wash mitt we recommend something like this here. It is best to work your way top to bottom with side to side motions for best results, and less chance of creating swirl marks.

Pay special attention to the tires, rims and wheel wells, clearing them of debris. Crouch or bend, bringing your eye level down to see the grime clinging to the panels closest to the road. 

After thoroughly lathering the soap in with the mitt, rinse your vehicle off. Start from the top to bottom ensuring all soap bubbles are rinsed off completely. 

Finish off with a drying towel, this is recommended. We recommend opening your doors and fuel cap, to ensure no water gets trapped and frozen shut in between the cracks!

If You Go Automatic…

If you prefer an automatic wash, make sure it is touchless. Avoid the automatic brushes at all costs as it is harmful to your vehicle’s paint!

Really Cold Week?

Book a professional exterior wash, we will ensure your vehicle is washed in a fully heated and enclosed area. We will dry every part of your vehicle before leaving our lot. 

We will even apply some added winter sealants on top of your appointment to ensure your vehicle is protected from the cold elements! Contact us to book!