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How to Remove Bug Guts Off Your Car

How to Remove Bug Guts Off Your Car

How to Remove Bug Guts Off Your Car

This summer, don’t worry about bug guts ruining the look and durability of your vehicle. Bug guts can not only be tricky to remove but can also strip your finish. The liquid splat is typically what can become corrosive to your clear coat if left on for too long in the heat. 

Removing and preventing your vehicle from getting further damaged is imperative to maintaining your vehicle paint’s finish. When bugs solidify, they become extremely difficult to remove and eventually lead to permanent paint stains and etching. 

Hard-shelled insects such as flying beetles can also chip, scratch and dent your vehicle while you are driving on the highway. 

What to do when you have bug guts on your vehicle? 

As soon as you notice bug guts on your car, you should go to a wand wash and pressure off the bugs. A good rule of thumb is to wash your vehicle once a week during the summer and every couple of days when on a road trip. Leaving the bug guts on for a couple of days can make it extremely hard to remove and can leave permanent damage. 

How to Prevent Permanent Damage from Bug Guts? 

XPEL Paint Protection Film 

The best way to prevent permanent paint damage from bug guts in the summer is to apply XPEL Paint Protection Film to the front of your vehicle. XPEL paint protection film helps shield your vehicle from foreign matter like bugs, rocks, tree sap, pollen, road grime and gravel. The film is discoloration and stain resistant, meaning bugs can’t leave a permanent mark on your film if it is cleaned off within a reasonable time. 

The film prevents wear and tear on your vehicle, which means that when bugs are flying at you at high speeds on the highway, they won’t chip or scratch the paint. We recommend getting at the minimum your bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, a-pillars, captob protected with film as these are the highest impact areas. 

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coatings will also make your life easier it comes to bug guys!  is a must if you want to maintain a glossy finish. Our FEYNLAB nano-ceramic coatings are resistant to chemical contaminants such as bug guts. 

Adding a ceramic coating to your car is a great option. When you pressure wash and hand mitt the bugs will melt away with ease, and on top of that, you will remain with a beautiful deep shine finish. We recommend pre-soaking the bugs with a product like Bug-Out for the best results!

Just Got Back From A Road Trip? 

Book a professional maintenance wash if you want to save time and get it done right after a road trip! Our maintenance wash is a professional exterior wash followed by a decontamination process. We then use a series of automotive-safe chemicals to strip off any contaminants and bug guts embedded in the paint. 

Book an appointment today to help protect your vehicle from the summer bugs!