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How to Protect Your New Vehicle

How to Protect Your New Vehicle

Discover the best ways to properly protect your new vehicle. 

Keep Your Paint Pristine

Ceramic coating is great. Adding paint protection film is even better. 

Paint protection film is the best way to protect your vehicle’s vulnerable areas from rock chips and scratches. Our paint protection film (ppf) protects against rock chips, scuff marks and scratches. The invisible film is a thermoplastic polyurethane material that’s about a hundred times thicker than a ceramic coating that wraps your car in a soft protective membrane. 


Our best-in-class XPEL paint protection film can take just about all the abuse the world can throw at it before the actual paint ever even comes into play.  A rock kicked up by a semi or a scrape in the parking lot doesn’t have to mean a nightmare of colour matching, re-painting, blending, and hoping nobody notices.  We can simply remove and replace the damaged panel of the ppf itself, and you’re back in business. 


Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from rust, insects, birds, dirt, dust, debris and brake dust. Ceramic nanocoatings have been proven to protect 10x better than any traditional wax on the market, while also providing you with a high-quality, shiny gloss.  

Each time you park your vehicle in direct sunlight, the self-healing technology goes to work for you! It’s ridiculously glossy, extremely slick, offers outstanding UV protection, and is exceptionally resistant to chemicals. Washing your vehicle is even easier with a ceramic coating, as it makes your vehicle hydrophobic. Water beads of your car, leaving no streak or watermarks. 

We recommend applying a ceramic coating where you would not normally install ppf. Such as the rims, car body, windows, and plastic surfaces. Combining ppf and ceramic coating protection is your best bet if you are looking to keep your vehicle for years to come. 

Now It’s Time For Interior Protection

Alberta elements (UV rays, dirt, salt, snow, mud, oxidization) and everyday wear and tear can do a number on your vehicle’s interior. We recommend protecting your vehicle’s leather, vinyl, carpets, fabric, and touch screens right of the get-go for maximum efficiency. 

Our interior carpet, fabric, leather and vinyl protection protect from UV, dirt, dust and trains. Our high-quality FEYNLAB treatments are a one-time application that protects for years to come. Interior protection treatments help to make cleaning your vehicle a lot easier. 


Touchscreen protection is also important to preventing minor scratches and repelling germs. We use XPEL RX Microbial Film to touch screens, helping to safeguard against microorganisms and everyday wear and tear. 

Window tint will also help prevent UV and infrared rays from fading and cracking your interior over time. We recommend applying XPEL ultimate window tint to add best-in-class UV and heat protection. 

Lastly, Protect Your Undercarriage From Rust

Your undercarriage on your vehicle is one of the most susceptible areas for rust to occur, causing irreversible damage. It is important to protect your undercarriage right of the lot, to ensure the elements do not get to it first. 

Rustproofing and undercoating are two services we recommend applying before you start using your new vehicle as a daily driver. Rustproofing is a protective wax that is applied to vehicle joints, seams and undercarriage to effectively lock out moisture. Undercoating, on the other hand, is an oil-based compound that is sprayed onto the entire underbody to provide a thick layer of protection. 

Ready to Protect? Choose a New Vehicle Protection Package

The sooner you can get to us to protect your new vehicle, the better. We have six different new vehicle protection packages available for your needs. All vehicle packages can be customized for your vehicle’s exact needs. We take immense pride in preserving the quality, safety and appearance of your vehicle. 

Contact us to book your appointment today. We can’t wait to get started!