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How to Properly Wash & Maintain Your Vehicle

How to Properly Wash & Maintain Your Vehicle

It’s time to get your ride sparkling! These are our top car care product recommendations and strategies for washing your vehicle, so you can get the best results. 

Pre-Rinsing Is Key

Before starting the washing process, you’ll want to rinse down your vehicle. When you do an initial rinse, you remove dirt, grime, and grit that can potentially cause swirls or scratches while washing. It allows you to start with the smoothest surface before you even touch the paint.

Choose the Right Soap

This isn’t the time for any old soap! You need an automotive formula like the Feynlab® Pure Wash. It has terrific foam, and an amazing Intelligent Cleaning Technology that mechanically latches onto particles. This soap makes contaminants easy to remove while also chemically breaking them down. It’s the perfect addition to your washing routine. 

Use Your Mitt from the Top Down

We recommend using a microfiber washing mitt like the Feylab® Plush Wash Mitt. It’s super luxurious and soft! 

Contrary to popular belief (and Karate Kid wisdom), you don’t want to “wax on, wax off”. Wash from the top down, in straight lines. 

If a tiny particle didn’t come off during rinsing and is trapped in the soap, washing in straight lines will ensure it only leaves a shallow, straight line scratch. These are harder to see! Straight scratches are only visible on vehicle exteriors if the light hits at the right angle. Alternatively, if you wash in a circular motion and wind up with round scratches, you’ll be able to see them from almost any angle. 

Keep the Mitt Clean

You’ll want to rinse, rinse, rinse your wash mitt! We recommend washing off the mitt several times per panel of your vehicle, especially if it’s really dirty. If you keep your vehicle pretty clean, you’ll have to rinse less often, but you’ll get an idea of the right amount as you go.

The more you rinse out your mitt, the less likely you are to have little bits of dirt, sand, or grime left over on the vehicle. It’s always better to do too much rinsing than too little! 

Use a Plush Towel—and Dry Carefully

Not only should your wash mitt be soft, but your towel should be too! The fluffier, the better. We like using a microfiber towel like the Feynlab® Twisted Logic Korean Microfiber Drying Towel. You can dry an entire vehicle with it!

Now, this is very important: Do NOT wipe the towel across the paint. You should pat your vehicle dry instead. Pat the droplets off one area of the car, lift up the towel, and then move on to dab another spot. 

When you wipe, there’s a possibility of scratching or marring your paint. But when you gently pat, if there’s anything still on the vehicle, you won’t drag it across the surface and make matters worse.
We can help you keep your car looking pristine! Book your appointment today.

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