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How to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New for Years

How to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New for Years

There’s no better feeling than bringing home a new vehicle. The paint job glimmers in the sun, the interior has that new car smell, and you’re beaming with pride.

Then, a few months later, the paint is starting to get scratched. There might be clothing, food waste, or dog hair making your interior dirty.

Want to prevent these common new car woes? Here are some tips on keeping your vehicle looking beautiful for longer and maintaining the value of your investment.

Mind Where You Park

If you have access to a garage or overhang, park there to keep your exterior paint job protected from the elements. Keep in mind that if your garage is too warm, it can lead to the ice melting on your vehicle’s finish. The residue might contain salt and other deicing agents, which will ruin the paint faster.

In the summertime, parking in a garage can also prevent tree sap and bird droppings from doing a number on your paint job too. (We’re serious—don’t let these stay on your vehicle, clean them as soon as you see them!)

Protect Against Scratches

If you don’t take the right precautions with your vehicle’s paint, scratches and swirl marks begin to blemish the beauty of its finish. 

A shiny, gleaming ceramic coating can restore the look of your car and help you keep that new car feeling for so much longer, or restore it even after years of wear and tear. To shield your paint against the harsh conditions of winter, we’re offering 20% off our Feynlab paint protection services.

Or, perhaps you need to refresh your paint job after some minor dings? It’s time to forget those dents and see why scratches are no match for our repair services! Take advantage of our 50% off dent and scratch repair promotion.

Give the Interior Some Love

The interior of your vehicle is prone to lots of wear and tear. Everyday life, kids, and pets can all take a toll on the inside of your vehicle.

Keeping your interior clean can extend the lifespan of the fixtures, seats, and carpets. It can keep them looking new and prevent them from smelling stale or sour because dirt and grime won’t get a chance to settle in, causing them to look dingy and bacteria to grow. 

To help you keep your interior in tip-top shape, we’re offering 40% off of our interior detailing package

Spot Clean in Between Professional Washing & Detailing

When you don’t have the time to come and see us for full interior detailing, but you see a pesky spot on your seat or carpet, or your headlights are getting a bit dim and dirty, make sure to tend to those things right away. If you don’t let stains set in, it will help keep your car’s interior looking great for far longer! At Ming Shine, we take pride in the details. With our paint protection and detailing services, our professionals can help keep your vehicle’s paint and interior in impeccable shape for years to come.

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