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Get Ready for Vehicle Spring Cleaning

Get Ready for Vehicle Spring Cleaning

Winter can leave your car’s exterior and interior full of grime, salt, and melted ice. By the time the warmer weather comes around, you may notice a hefty layer of dirt inside and outside your vehicle. An annual spring cleaning is very important to maintain your car’s look and value. 

Here’s what you should do to freshen up your vehicle as the sun starts shining.

Give Your Car a Good Wash 

After your vehicle’s wintertime trials, a build-up of calcium chloride, brake dust, and Alberta road grime can make it look grungy.

Be sure to give the exterior a thorough wash with a shampoo and scrub down. Focus on removing surface dirt, dust, and salt. Don’t forget about the undercarriage, which picks up a lot from winter roads. 

Protect the Paint

Have you ever seen those rust spots running along the bottom portion of your car, especially on lighter painted vehicles? Luckily, this isn’t actual rust, but it’s still very harmful to your car’s paint and clear coat. These “rust specs” are a combination of road grime and brake dust particles getting embedded into your clear coat.

Our experts will remove all of this with our Spring Special. After that, we recommend power polishing, carnauba waxing, and applying a ceramic coating to protect your paint for the duration of the spring. 

Detail the Interior 

Your carpeting and upholstery have probably picked up a lot of muck and bacteria from the freeze and thaw cycle. It needs meticulous vacuuming to get rid of this debris. Then it needs a shampoo to deep clean it. Be sure to wipe down the dash and console with a conditioner to make it shine like new. Plus, don’t forget to vacuum out the trunk.

Organize the Interior

Take everything out of your console and organize all of the coins, old receipts, and other miscellaneous items. To keep the clutter at bay, put in an organizer and car trash bin. 

If you’re looking to get your vehicle ready for the warmer weather, you’ll love our Spring Special. For $449 (or $349 without an interior shampoo), here’s what’s included:

  • Professional hand wash of the exterior 
  • Paint decontamination using clay grit 
  • Rinse the undercarriage of your vehicle
  • Engine shampoo and detail
  • Thorough vacuum of the interior (every nook and cranny) 
  • Shampooing of the interior ($100 option) 
  • Clean, wipe down, and disinfect all interior surfaces 
  • One-step power polish to remove minor scratches and swirls that will rejuvenate and bring back depth in the paint
  • Exterior detail with carnauba wax 

We’re ready to shine up your ride for spring! Book your appointment today.