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Feynlab’s Self-Healing Paint Protection Will Make You Question Reality

Feynlab’s Self-Healing Paint Protection Will Make You Question Reality

In the car care industry, we have seen bad products, okay products, and great products. Then there are some that question all we believe to be true in this universe. Feynlab’s self-healing paint products are some of the amazing ones that make you go, “What in the actual world is this?”

Scratches literally disappear in front of your eyes.

When we first heard about Feynlab’s self-healing technology, we were skeptical – probably like you are right now.

So, we tested.

We tested again.

Then we called everyone we could find in the shop to come over and witness the magic for themselves.

Like all products and services we offer at Ming Shine, we need to believe in it and see for ourselves how they stand up to actual life out on the road. This stuff really works!

How does Feynlab’s seal-healing paint protection work?

The mechanism behind the self-healing effect is a memory polymer woven into a ceramic backbone. When heated, even slightly by the sun, the polymer returns to its original state, causing the self-leveling effect to occur.

This mesmerizing coating will not replace paint protection film but it is an excellent addition to the rest of the vehicle; especially for daily drivers, those prone to scratches and who may frequently use a car wash.

This coating provides the same level of resistance to chemical etching and prevention of water spots as a typical ceramic coating. With one teeny, tiny – okay one massive difference – a self-healing ability within your paint that will make you question reality, like we did.

Feynlab’s self-healing paint protection is impressive, durable, and prevents micro marring, light scratches and “spider webbing” from damaging your paint. This nanotechnology is to thank for numerous happy customers driving off of our Edmonton lots. We can only look forward to even more improvements in this industry.

Feynlab products offer different paint protection levels, which require various installation times and provide a number of  years of worry-free protection for your vehicle.

This modern paint protection technology is complicated to install and only done by certified experts like our team at both Ming Shine locations in Edmonton.

Contact us today to find the right self-healing paint protection package for you.

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