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Window Tinting: The Car Accessory You’re Missing Out On

Window Tinting: The Car Accessory You’re Missing Out On

Gone are the days that window tinting is reserved only for the luxury lifestyle with limos and celebrities. Thousands of cars are sold in the Edmonton area per year, and we’ve seen a lot of them in for Ming Shine’s unsurpassed tinting services. Why? Because they don’t quite meet personal preferences when it comes to tinting and it’s an easy and affordable way to personalize your car.

Tinted windows do more than just make your car look good! It’s the magic cape…or maybe force field…whatever you wanna call it – it’s one of the most essential accessories for your car that you didn’t know you’ve been missing.

Here are the most common reasons Edmonton drivers choose window tinting from Ming Shine:


  1. Your Business Stays That Way

The first thing you probably notice about tinted windows is that you can’t see inside the vehicle. Evade prying eyes if you carry around valuables. No one on the outside will know a thing. Those looking for valuables are less likely to break into a car where they can’t see what’s inside. The glass film also strengthens the glass, making it less susceptible to the attacks of anyone trying to break the windows.


  1. Looks Cool, Stays Cooler

Stop turning your car into a sweltering greenhouse. Driving around all day in a hot car can leave you feeling drained and irritable. Edmontonians complain a lot about cold winters, but the summers can be scorchin’! By reflecting the sunlight away from the vehicle’s interior, it remains cooler and for longer. Once the car windows have tinting on them, everyone can sit more comfortably!


  1. For Energy Efficiency

We just mentioned how HOT the inside of your vehicle can get. What’s the first thing you do when you get in? Crank the AC! And it stays cranked for a long time because 1. The car got so dang hot while you were gone and 2. The heat is still coming in as you drive in the sun. More AC means more trips to the gas pump!


  1. For The Love Of Your Skin

Those UV rays do more than heat up your car’s interior. They penetrate through the glass exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful effects; aging, skin cancer, dark spots, and more.

An article in the Huffington Post features a truck driver of 28 years and the shocking effects the sun has on the skin. The portion of his face closest to the side window is drastically more affected than the other.


  1. For The Love of Your Car

It isn’t just human skin that’s damaged by UV rays. Think about it – leather is skin. But even if you don’t have leather seats, upholstery is still at risk along with any plastics inside the car of fading, blotching, deteriorating, and cracking. Protecting your car’s interior can make a huge difference in its resale price when you’re ready to sell.


  1. Safety First

The windows in your vehicle will shatter into a million pieces if an accident happens. They’re meant to. The shattering protects you from large shards of sharp glass flying around. However, tiny fragments of tempered glass are still sharp!

Window films can help keep those pieces together in an accident which means fewer cuts, eye damage, and less distraction from a broken window that could lead to an even bigger accident.


  1. Be Gone, Glare

A final benefit of window tinting is the reduction of glare. Grateful for those long summer Edmonton days, but that low hanging sun that takes its time to set can make it impossible to see. Sunlight is a common cause of accidents.

As you can see, car window tinting is a whole lot more than just a luxury statement. The benefits are numerous, only one action to take – window tinting. Once you decide window tinting is right for you and your vehicle, we bet you’ll never go back to regular windows again.

Don’t worry if you’d prefer not to have darkened windows. There is a wide variety of tinting options, including clear films that can block UV rays without adding any tint.

Contact the Edmonton window tinting professionals at Ming Shine today for a quote. Our team is fully trained in providing only the best films on the market with a Lifetime Warranty against yellowing, peeling, bubbling, cracking, blistering, discolouring, plus limited lifetime installation.

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