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Is it time to clean my vehicle yet?

Is it time to clean my vehicle yet?

Time to come clean! After a long Edmonton winter, it’s that time of year to start digging out all those wrappers, bags, and leftovers from your car – because let’s face it, nobody’s got time for that in -27 degree weather. For most of our customers, the pride in their rides usually catapults car cleaning at the top of the spring chores. The next warm Sunday morning has already been eyed up as the day that the salt and grime gets washed away and becomes a distant memory of a harsh winter. Hello spring!

But could your spring cleaning be harmful to your vehicle?

Here are just some of the things our detailers at Ming Shine watch for and could cause potential issues with an at-home car cleaning:

Interior Car Electronics

Water and electronics go ZAP! We all know this. But sometimes car electronics are hard to see, or we don’t take into consideration how delicate they can be. Before you take a steamer to your car’s interior, make sure you’re not going to go over any electrical components under the carpet. Many car manufacturers run electrical harnesses and even some computers under here, there, and everywhere.

If you have to use moisture to get out those stubborn stains, use a minimal amount. Better yet? Choose our detailing experts at Ming Shine. We know where those wires could be hiding and how to avoid soaking the floors when we find a stubborn stain that may appear to need a whole bucket of water to wash out.


Exterior Car Electronics

Wiring on the outside of your vehicle can be just as susceptible to damage due to water.

But my car gets rained on and it’s fine.

My truck lives outside in the cold Edmonton winter all season, and it still runs.

What’s a little water going to do at the regular car wash bay?

Washing a teacup with a firehose; doesn’t work too well. It’s almost impossible to detail a car using a high pressurized water gun.

Ming Shine detailers – pay attention to the details!

Yes, we take our time with cloths. Yes, we’re a little OCD when carefully covering every inch of your car. And, we are pleased to say, your wiring will be intact when you drive off our lot.


Engine Oil

When hosing off an oily engine, you also risk damage to not only your engine but the environment. It may be illegal in some areas to wash off greasy residue from your vehicle as well so pay attention to the rules.



What type of cleaners are you using on the surfaces of your car? Dish soap? Floor cleaner? Dog shampoo? We’ve heard it all. Just because it suds, doesn’t mean it’s good for your car.

Vehicles are high ticket items, an investment – one that you’re very likely to sell one day. Be careful with those cleaners. Some are solvent-based. Over time, they create issues, even disintegrating anything made of rubber. Stick to cleaners labeled safe for rubber.


Want your car looking new and staying that way? Trust the pros in Edmonton auto detailing and take more pride in your ride than ever before, without damage or harmful cleaners.

Pick up and drop off are also available for our busy customers. Just ask for Ming’s Valet Service and book today.

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