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In Today’s day and age there are many options of vehicle coatings and or waxes, so which one should you choose? This post is to help you decide which coating route you can take when it comes to your vehicle. The traditional options of waxes or sealants have been available for decades but in recents years new products known as ceramic or “nanocoatings” have become available to the detailing industry revolutionizing the way we detail and protect our vehicles. A Ceramic Coating such as the MingShine, Opti-Coat Pro and Opti coat Pro +, is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s paint, creating a layer of protection on top of the vehicles existing clearcoat. An interesting fact is that once the layers of the ceramic coating have been applied, and a paint depth gauge is used to measure the thickness of the paint and the paint will measure out to be thicker than what was factory.

There are a number of great benefits of nanocoatings such as:

The coating lasts a lot longer than any wax, it is more scratch and mar resistant which means the finish of the paint will stay like the day it was coated.

It has superior UV protection, so the paint will not oxidize after been exposed to large amounts of UV rays from the sun.

It is more chemical resistant. Bird droppings, tree sap, and harsh degreasers will not deteriorate the coating, where on wax coatings it would.

It makes it very easy to clean your vehicle due to its extreme hydrophobic effects, phobic meaning having a extreme aversion to something which in this case would be water. As a result it makes it much easier maintaining and drying off your vehicle.

Dirt, dust, and grime will not stick on the paint nearly as much, which then comes back to the point of the paint being easier to maintain.

Last but not least the coated vehicle will have a very high intense gloss and shine for years to come.

Traditional waxes and sealants have their benefits as well. Nanocoatings require a professionally trained technician that has to do a significant amount of prep and paint correction in order for the ceramic coatings to be utilized at their maxed potential, Bad installations could severely alter the vehicle’s paint causing more headaches and problems in the long run. Fortunately the benefit of a wax is its ease of use that almost anyone can do it even you, These products also offer versatile application methods which make these products much more cost effective. Nanocoatings due to the complicity and prep can often be pricier than a wax or sealant option, waxes must be reapplied oftenbecause of the longevity of waxes are much more inferior to nanocoatings as mentioned before once the coating is done to your vehicle you are protected for years to come.

In conclusion, when it comes to the battle of Nano Coating vs Wax, the important factors are how much time you have to spend on your car, how much inclination you have to maintain it and how the car is going to be used. Typically a wax allows the flexibility to enjoy the full detailing process on a more regular basis and therefore better serves the detailing enthusiast. For those simply looking to protect their vehicles paint especially from everyday wear and tear a highly durable ceramic nanocoating is the better choice.

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