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We commonly get asked how to maintain your vehicle’s paint. Although a paint protection will significantly minimize the upkeep, you don’t need a paint protection to utilize these tips!

Ming Paint Coatings have revolutionized the way we protect and maintain our vehicles. With superior gloss, scratch/mar, chemical, environmental resistance, and extreme hydrophobic qualities you coating will help keep your car looking as the day you bought it. However it is crucial that you have proper upkeep and maintenance to have full benefits of the Ming coating.


  • Keep the surface dry for 24 hours after coating installation.
  • If water is allowed on the surface between the first 2-24 hours it will not harm the coating durability. However, gently dry off any water before it dries to avoid possible water spots during the hardening process of those first 24 hours.
  • Avoid washing with soap for the first 5 days.
  • Never use an automatic car wash. It has been proven that drive through car washes will damage your paint.
  • DO NOT ALLOW ANY CAR DEALER OR SERVICE CENTRE TO WASH YOUR VEHICLE. You should have received a “Do Not Wash” mirror hanger to assist with this recommendation.
  • In Alberta, we recommend to clay bar your vehicle every 6 months. This will clean off any contaminants that attach to your paint while driving.


  • Pre-Rinse the heavy particulates off the paint before ever touching the surface with your wash media. Some people like to foam the car down and then rinse everything away before starting on the wash. This is fine if you choose to do so. The bottom line is to try to get the most dirt, grime, and grit off the paint BEFORE you touch the surface so as not to induce swirls or scratches while washing.
  • Wash from the top down, in straight lines (not wax on wax off circles). This will ensure that in the event there is an abrasive particle trapped in your wash media it will only leave a shallow, straight line scratch. Straight scratches are only visible if the light hits it just right. On the other hand circular scratches are visible from almost any angle.
  • Rinse your wash mitt very frequently and thoroughly. We recommend rinsing the mitt multiple times per panel if the vehicle is heavily soiled. If you wash frequently or if there is only light dust accumulation you can, of course, rinse your mitt less often. Just keep in mind that the more you rinse out your wash mitt the less chance you’ll have of rubbing abrasive dirt, sand, or other particles against the paint as you wash. A clean wash mitt mitigates the chance of ruining the paint as you wash each section.
  • When drying use a very plush microfibre towel (the softer and fluffier the better). Do not wipe the towel across the paint. Instead, pat the vehicle dry. Pat the water droplets off a section, lift the towel, and pat another spot. By not “dry wiping” the surface you will exponentially reduce the chance of scratching or marring your flawless paint and/or coating.
    Maintaining your vehicle using safe wash methods, as described above, will help you preserve a flawless finish and extend the useful life of your Ming Ceramic Coating for years of enjoyment.

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